Sunday, August 2, 2009

Papa's visit

This weekend my dad stayed with Bill, Moses and I and was able to spend great quality time with us and Moses. It was great, we a took couple walks in Broadripple, stopped into a coffee shop and had lunch on the Monon, went to Chuck E Cheese for Moses' first time, had family over to grill out and play cornhole and my dad was able to go to his class reuinon. Here are some pics from our weekend, Moses had a great time with Papa. Moses also had a heart echo on Friday afternoon, we should have the results in on Monday. So far, all of Moses' tests have come back normal, and we are really ready to not go to the Dr. for a very looong time. We have had so many Dr appointments, blood draws and ultrasounds, it is nice to know Moses has no health problems from having Down Syndrome, he is a healthy little boy!


cami said...

Great pictures of your little guy. What a joy!

Alison said...

He just has the sweetest face! That's such a praise that he is good health.
What a great backyard!